June 30, 2018

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An Introduction to Masonic Rosicrucianism Pamphlet

An Introduction to the M***** C***** Pamphlet

Historic July 12, 1988 William G. Peacher, MD., IX

The Rose Petal (The 1883 Meyer rituals for the S.R.I.C.F.)

SRIA Study Course (March 2015)

The Art and Science of Alchemy & Lecture Guide

Our Study Group References

The Seven Steps of Wisdom
SOCIETAS ROSICRICIANA IN ANGLIA (SRIA), by Mike Crowson and Thomas Linacre College.

Introduction to Rosicrucians
"A new sect of Philosophers shall rise,
Despising death, gold, honours and riches,
They shall be near the mountains of Germany,
They shall have abundance of others to support and follow them."

Picture - 1845_tb_harris_mm_revised_500_910

The Invisible History of the Rosicrucians, by Tobias Churton (2009)
He has another book with similar title, but it's NOT the same publication.

Rosicrucian Trilogy, by Christopher McIntosh (2016)
The BEST and NEWEST translation of all three original publications of the Fama, Confessio, and Chemical Wedding.

The One Year Manual: Twelve Steps to Spiritual Enlightenment, by Israel Regardie (2007)
Recommended in an SRICF Study Guide.

The Kabbalistic Tree of Life (2nd Edition, Revised Edition), by Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi (2016)
Course Book for SRIA Study Course.

A Guide for the New Esoteric Freemason by Bro. William Burkle (?)

A View of Masonic Sacred Geometry, by Frater Bailey (2007)
Presented at the Golden State College S.R.I.C.F. Meeting, at Los Altos Masonic Lodge, Los Altos, CA, 8/22/04, Rev. 1. Slightly revised paper as published in the SRICF Annual Review Ad Lucem 2007, pages 53-74, published by the High Counci SRICF.

Submitted by Frater Bailey

The Law of One, by  RA, by Don Elkins and James Allen McCarty (1984)
“I am Ra. The Law of One, though beyond the limitations of name, as you call vibratory sound complexes, may be approximated by stating that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator.”

The Book of The Law, by Aleister Crowley (2011)
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law!"

Secrets of the Great Pyramid, by Peter Tompkins (1978)
Recounts the fascinating discoveries made by explorers, adventurers, and scientists about the Great Pyramid of Cheops, including the stunning recent assertions that the ancient structure was used as a geometric tool to measure the outside world.

Far Memory: The Autobiography of Joan Grant – by Joan Grant (1956)
Joan Grant's autobiography of her childhood in England and the development of her psychic talents and ability to recall earlier lives. It is a stunning portrait of the difficulty of a free spirit trying to define herself in Edwardian England in the 1920s and 1930s.

Many Lifetimes (Joan Grant Autobiography) – by Joan Grant (1967)
Have we lived before? Are our talents and skills attributes we have worked hard to develop in earlier experiences on earth? Are some of our current problems the result of unresolved conflicts from past lives? According to Many Lifetimes, the answers to these questions is YES! Writing in alternating chapters, Joan Grant and Denys Kelsey approach to topic of reincarnation from different angles...

Winged Pharoah, by Joan Grant (1937)
The story of Sekeeta, the Pharaoh's daughter. The ancient Egyptians reserved the title of "Winged Pharaoh" for ruler-priests who possessed extra-sensory powers. When Sekeeta demonstrates psychic abilities, she is sent to the temple and trained to recall past lives. Upon the death of her father, she becomes a "Winged Pharaoh" - both priestess and Pharaoh - and leads her country with enlightenment. The most famous of Joan Grant's "Far Memory" novels, this book brings the grandeur, beauty, and mystery of ancient Egypt to life. Upon Winged Pharaoh's original publication in 1937, the New York Times called it "an unusual book that shines with fire."

Speaking From the Heart, by Joan Grant (2007)
A new work, presents a selection of unpublished writings, assembled and edited by her granddaughter Nicola Bennett, in collaboration with Grant's dearest friend, Sophia Rosoff, and Jane Lahr.

The Great Work of the Penetralia - Commemorative Edition - by Earlyne Chaney, Priestess at Astara (1976)
First time available in over 2 decades. Read about the Inner Plane Masters. Learn about the teachings on the rules and disciplines of discipleship. Discover the roles of recurring Mystery Schools. 

Initiation in the Great Pyramid, by Earlyne Chaney (1987)
This book is the story of Dr. Earlyne Chaney’s actual experience in Egypt. Join her as she discovers one spiritual mystery after another, startling truth upon startling truth, memories surging to the surface of her consciousness.

Wisdom from the Angels and the Forces of Light, by Earlyne Chaney (1998)
From Astara's library of mystical classics.

Al-Kemi – A Memoir – Hermetic, Occult, Political and Private Aspects of R. A. Shwaller de Lubicz – by Andre’ VandenBroeck (1987)
This ”deals forthrightly and bravely… with the history of the modern mixture of esotericism and politics – a ‘dangerous and explosive’ combination.”

Producing Precious Metals At Home: Alchimia - Quod Erat Demonstrandum, by Joe Champion (1994) [Written while he was in prison – guess why…]
From the Preface: "The following text explains the procedures used to effectuate nuclear transmutation of non-precious metals into precious metals. And, the text will provide the procedures to be used to reclaim the precious metals, along with a theoretical explanation of the nuclear pathways."

This Is Not A Day Care - This Is A University [Or A College] (2015)
Our culture has actually taught our kids to be this self-absorbed and narcissistic. Any time their feelings are hurt, they are the victims. Anyone who dares challenge them and, thus, makes them “feel bad” about themselves, is a “hater,” a “bigot,” an “oppressor,” and a “victimizer.” I have a message for this young man and all others who care to listen. That feeling of discomfort you have after listening to a sermon is called a conscience.

Stranger in a Strange Land: The Science Fiction Classic Uncut (Hodder Great Reads), by Robert Anson Heinlein (1991)
The original uncut edition of STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND by Hugo Award winner Robert A Heinlein - one of the most beloved, celebrated science-fiction novels of all time. Epic, ambitious and entertaining, STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND caused controversy and uproar when it was first published and is still topical and challenging today.

Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe, by Dean Radin (2018)
"Beginning with a brief history of magic over the centuries (what was called magic two thousand years ago is turning out to be scientific fact today), a review of the scientific evidence for magic, a series of simple but effective magical techniques (the key is mental focus, something elite athletes know a lot about), Radin then offers a vision of a scientifically-informed magic and explains why magic will play a key role in frontiers of science."

To Be a Jew – A Guide to Jewish Observances in Contemporary Life - by Rabbi Hayim Halevy Donin (1972)
“A clear and comprehensive new guide to the laws and traditions of Jewish life especially written for use in America today.” “Immensely helpful to the many Jews who are in urgent need of some practical guidance in the everyday details of Jewish living.”

Caesar’s Messiah – The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus - by Joseph Atwil (2011)
“Was “Jesus” the invention of a Roman emperor? This book reveals the key to a new and revolutionary understanding of Christian origins.” [Who cares, as long as it works!]

The Synchronicity Key – The Hidden Intelligence Guiding the Universe and You – by David Wilcox (2013)
“Science and Spirit have finally caught up to each other. There is a ghost in the machine. Life on Earth is nowhere near as random or haphazard as many of us think. In this new science, everything is alive…” “This is truly where synchronicity becomes a science… into the world of the global and provable.”

The US Constitution and War and Emergency Powers Act - A Summary Report on the Continuing National Emergency in the United States of America, by Frater Bailey (2013)
Why do we have a "Classified Government and Classified Executive Orders?" Because the United States has already gone “Bankrupt” in March 1933 and has created a “NATIONAL EMERGENCY!” We in the United States are still in a state of “National Emergency” and the US government is now and has been for 71 years in a “State of National Emergency.” Under that “National Emergency” the US Government is being funded solely by the Federal Reserve Bank, and the US Government is acting under the “WAR AND EMERGENCY POWERS ACT”, which can and does supersede the application of the US Constitution and your Constitutional Rights!!! This is "NOT By the People and For The People!" This is "For the Banks Using You as Slaves!"  Presented at the Golden State College S.R.I.C.F. Meeting, at Los Altos Masonic Lodge, Los Altos, CA, 8/24/13.

The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery that Holds the Secret of America's Future, by Jonathan Cahn (2012)
Before its end as a nation, there appeared in ancient Israel nine specific warnings and omens of national destruction – These same nine Harbingers are now manifesting in America with profound ramifications for America’s future and end-time prophecy. Hidden in an ancient biblical prophecy from Isaiah, the mysteries revealed in The Harbinger are so precise that they foretell recent American events down to the exact days… the 3,000-year-old mystery that revealed the exact date of the stock market collapse of 2008… the ancient prophecy that was proclaimed from the floor of the US Senate and then came true…and more. The revelations are so specific that even the most hardened skeptic will find it hard to put down. Though it sounds like the plot of a Hollywood thriller – IT’S REAL.

Fact, Fiction, and Flying Saucers, by Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden (2016)
The real information about Advanced Thechnologies, UFOs, and ETs is classified by the US Government and the US Military as Top Secret Codeword, way above anyting else. Anything that you have heard about these subjects is most probably wrong, lies, and disinformation - including Project Bluebook, The Day After Rosewell, etc. [The US Government is Classified! See the War and Emergency Powers Act above.]

The Ultimate Alien Agenda: The Re-engineering of Humankind, by James Walkden (1998)
Find out the amazingly bizarre "final secret" of the alien invasion... If you read newspapers or watch television, it is hard to avoid the fact that people all over the world are reporting experiences with aliens involving abduction and experimentation. What they don't reveal is the reason the aliens have for such testing?until now.

Divided We Stand - A Biography of New York's World Trade Center, by Eric Darton (1999)
Chronicles the life of this billion-dollar building, using it as a lens through which to view the broader twentieth-century trend toward urbanized, global culture. The book factually and CLEARLY points out that the US Governement and the city of New York and others all wanted the Twin Towers to be destroyed (originally published in 2000).

Inside Job - Unmasking the 9/11 Conspiracies, by Jim Marrs (2004)
The official story about 9/11 is discredited. That is the sobering conclusion reached by millions of Americans, all across the political spectrum, who have sifted through the evidence uncovered by hundreds of independent researchers. Many honest citizens are now forced, with sadness and reluctance, to make an almost unthinkable inference... [The US Government is Classified! See the War and Emergency Powers Act above.]

9/11 Conspiracy Solved (43 Minute Video) (2012)
Operation Hammer, 10 year securities - due on 9/12/01 - which were used to crash the Soviet ecomony in oil and gas, and the Great Ruble Scam. Really Great Documentary Video on 9-11: Who/What/Why/Where/How: 9-11 Solved (43 min)! The events of September 11, 2001 have left lasting scars on the psyche of America and other countries around the world. It set in motion a global understanding of modern terrorism, and sparked an ongoing war that shows no signs of abating. The desire to come to terms with this cataclysmic moment in history has taken many forms over the years - from somber mourning to reignited patriotism to outright rage.

Books On 9-11 - Reference Material - September 11, 2001 - America Under Attack - By Whom?
These are the best reference books on 9-11-01 that I know of: Read. Think. Learn. Apply!

Submitted by Frater Dikeocha

Jesus Christ, Sun of God: Ancient Cosmology and Early Christian Symbolism, by David Fideler (1993)
The early Christian Gnosis did not spring up in isolation, but drew upon earlier sources. In this book, many of these sources are revealed for the first time.

Esoteric Christianity, by Annie Besant (2015)
In Esoteric Christianity, Besant's aim is to restore the secret truths underlying Christian doctrine. As public interest grows in the Gnostic Gospels and the mystical side of Christianity, Besant's remarkable book, first published in 1901, is attracting new attention.

Submitted by Frater Hall

Zohar for a Study of Cabballa (The 1st of 12 Books)
Art DeHoyas is recommending this series of lectures. He is the Grand Archivist for the Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction and the author of many books in his own right, probably one of the top 10 masonic scholars of our time. The first two volumes of The Zohar: Pritzker Edition, translated with commentary by Daniel C. Matt, cover more than half of the Zohar's commentary on the Book of Genesis (through Genesis 32:3). This is the first translation ever made from a critical Aramaic text of the Zohar, which has been established by Professor Matt based on a wide range of original manuscripts. There are a total of 12 books in this series.

Submitted by Frater Prestage

The Essential Kabbalah by Daniel Matt (2009)
This book is by the same author of the translation and commentaries which Frater Gregg submitted above, and may serve as a great introduction to the studies of the Kabbalah and the Zohar.

The Rosicrucians: The History, Mythology, and Rituals of an Esoteric Order, by Christopher McIntosh and Colin Wilson (1998)

Rosicrucian Trilogy: Modern Translations of the Three Founding Documents: Fama Fraternatis, Confessio Fraternitatis, The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreuz, by Godwin, McIntosh & McIntosh (2016)

The Rose Cross and the Age of Reason: Eighteenth-Century Rosicrucianism in Central Europe and Its Relationship to the Enlightenment (Brill's Studies in Intellectual History) by Christopher McIntosh (1992)

The Invisible History of the Rosicrucians: The World's Most Mysterious Secret Society, by Tobias Churton (2009)

Invisibles: The True History of the Rosicrucians, by Tobias Churton (2011)

The Kabbalistic Tree of Life, by Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi (2016)

The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross, by A. E. Waite (2011)

Mysteries of the Kabbalah, by Marc-Alain Ouaknin (2000)

The Essential Kabbalah: The Heart of Jewish Mysticism, by Daniel C. Matt (2009)

Kabbalah: A Very Short Introduction, by Joseph Dan (2007)

Submitted by Bud Ramsey

The Return of the Prodigal Son - by Henri J.M. Nouwen (1994)
"For all who ask, 'Where has my struggle led me?' or for those 'on the road' who have had the courage to embark on the journey but seek the illumination of a known way and safe passage, this work will inspire and guide each time it is read."